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Rajashree, a housewife from Dahisar, can still remember the stressful week last year when her 12-year-old daughter Ketki was hospitalized due to a stomach infection in Kolhapur. The culprit: contaminated borewell water. She realised it wasn’t enough to boil the water. That’s how Hindustan Unilever’s Pureit Classic water purifier found a way into her home.

In the video, Rajashree explains how the purifier works and says its 9-litre storage capacity is enough to last the drinking needs of her four-member family for an entire day. Now that she’s moved to Mumbai, she uses tap water for her cooking needs (Rajashree says she fully trusts the civic body’s water supply).

She is also quite happy with the company’s customer service, saying that a service person arrives at her doorstep within 48 hours of calling the Pureit Helpline. In 3 years of its use, Rajashree says no one in her family has had another serious stomach infection.

Rajashree does have a very useful tip to give Hindustan Unilever (HUL) regarding the design of the product. Water has to be poured into this purifier manually and since the top half of the purifier is not transparent, Rajashree cannot tell when to stop pouring the water, resulting in water overflowing and often spilling onto her kitchen counter. While there are other Pureit purifiers in a higher price range that have the autofill feature, a simple design fix on the Pureit Classic can make this product a lot more user-friendly.

Product: Pureit Classic water purifier
Price: Rs. 2,200 approx
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2 Responses

  1. Rajeev

    Even Though after lot of negative feed back about Pureit classic 14ltr, I brought one since we had drinking water problem and was cheap, The vendor told me that they have good service warranty guaranty etc, but this piece of shit stopped working on day 4th, till now I have spent more than 200bugs calling there customer care, every time I call all they have to say is “sir within 48hr some one will come”, today it is the 8th day still waiting, since I have waited for 8th day, I will wait for 2 more days still no one turns up will take this to the shop & throw this on there face

    P.S – wish I could have thrown this on Hindustan Liver MD, CEO, any one

  2. Uttarika Kumaran

    Sorry to hear that. It is indeed disappointing, because HUL greatly prides itself for its quick and efficient Customer Care. We’ve received positive feedback from Rajashree (about both the purifier and the PureIt helpline) and a few other consumers we found using PureIt purifiers. But of course, there’s always two sides to a story. Let’s hope HUL takes note of your experience and reassesses its processes. Perhaps it will help them if you state what exactly went wrong with your purifier on the 4th day and where you are based.