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 We were at our local Udupi restaurant when we overheard a bunch of teens who’d just walked in ask for a round of ‘cold coffee’. Soon, four glasses of a light-coloured cola arrived at the table. Three of the boys sipped and gave an appreciative nod to the fourth who had obviously brought them there to try out the drink.

Just then another order for ‘cold coffee’ was hollered out and in came these beautiful brown-red Cafe Cuba cans you’d expect to see at a hip Bandra watering hole, not your neighbourhood dosa joint.

Feeling suitably old and obsolete, we ordered the drink ourselves, half-sheepishly and half-delighted that we’d just trend-spotted some domestic invention that was finding favour among suburban youth.

A carnival ride for the senses

Unfortunately, there’s nothing remotely proletarian about Cafe Cuba Coffee Rush, India’s first carbonated coffee beverage from Parle Agro. However, at Rs. 20 a can, it packs in a real coffee punch and if you’re a coffee lover, can give you an adequate caffeine kick that’s comparable to any overpriced coffee drink – minus the moody Baristas and stale sandwiches.

Cafe Cuba Coffee Rush is like a carnival ride for the senses. Cold to the touch, the coffee hits your nose before it reaches your lips and the aroma can be likened to freshly ground, roasted coffee beans. The fizz tickles the tip of the tongue but your taste buds register a strong coffee hit and that milky aftertaste undercut by just a hint of bitterness – all combining to keep you curious enough and keep sipping. All this in what looks like a regular cola, maybe a few shades lighter.

While the can doesn’t mention the caffeine content in the beverage, it definitely tastes much stronger than your average cola. I certainly felt a slight buzz after drinking it, followed by a mild headache since I’m not a regular coffee drinker. If you’re addicted to energy drinks, maybe this beverage could be a lighter option to wean you off.

We wonder why nobody thought of bringing this to India sooner. And we’re pretty sure this is not the last of it. Coffee lovers, try this drink today!

Product: Cafe Cuba Coffee Rush
Price: Rs. 20
Weight: 250 ml

3 Responses

  1. Sid

    It’s not clear whether you would like to have it again (and again and again) or is it just good for the novelty value?

  2. Uttarika Kumaran

    Hello again. Mostly novelty value but if you’re a coffee lover, you may like to have it on a regular basis. And even though I’m not into coffee that much, if I’m at a restaurant and want a cola (which is rare), I will probably ask for it – especially if they don’t have Coca Cola and are pushing Pepsi on me.