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With 3G and 4G speeds in the palm of your hands, you no longer need to spend on both a dongle and a 3G plan for your phone if you are rarely away from your home and office networks. When mobile, you can simply share your iPhone’s data connection with Wi-Fi devices in your vicinity – whether it is your laptop, iPad, or even a friend’s cellphone — by turning your iPhone into a Wi-fi hotspot. This process is also called ‘tethering’. This feature is available only to users of iOS 4.3 and later.

It’s a simple process:

Go to phone ‘Settings’.
Choose the ‘Personal Hotspot’ option.
Then touch the ‘Personal Hotspot’ button and it will turn green.

Your phone is now a personal Wi-Fi hotspot. You can secure it with a password or leave it unsecured. Your phone network will be visible to nearby Wi-Fi devices alongside other Wi-Fi connections in the area. You simply need to click on your device name to access the iPhone’s data connection.

This is likely to come in handy when you are travelling or in case of internet fails at work or home. Airtel and Vodafone allow tethering in their unlimited 3G plans, but you might want to check with your mobile carrier about your plan and tethering charges.

But consider this before you share your data connection between devices: A laptop or desktop may mistake a 3G connection with broadband leading to high data usage, whereas a smartphone would keep that in check.

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