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Eye-makeup is a bit of a practiced art and that’s why a lot of us don’t even go there. But it is also incredibly simple and quick; just a small, calculated smudge or a stroke can give a major lift to the eyes. In this video, a make-up artist shows us how to create three different looks using coloured gel eyeliners and an angular brush, using black as the base. It’s surprisingly simple.

She uses the Ikonic Black, Turquoise and Navy Gel Liners to work from the basic style – lining the upper and lower lids, to creating a winged look, going on to a controlled smudge. The video has it all.

Please note: Gel eyeliners are liners applied on the outer rims of the eyes. While applying gel eyeliner on the waterline has become a habit, technically, kohls are more suitable for waterlines. Those with sensitive eyes may find that using a gel eyeliner on the waterline will cause a burning sensation. Please restrict use to outer rims of the eyes.

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