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When HR professional Renu Gupta helped set up CCTV cameras in her office, she thought why not do the same for her home? Whether you have kids, the elderly or pets in your home, or want to keep an eye on your domestic help, home security is surely a matter of concern for you. But have you wondered whether setting up CCTV cameras is a rather extreme step?

Our conversation with Renu had us find that setting up a home security system is not just easy and economically viable, but can really take a load off your mind. Why spend your days in doubt and worry when you can remotely monitor what is going on in your home? For working mothers like Renu, CCTV cameras also fulfill a quasi parental role which can be quite a blessing for mums who feel guilty about spending too much time in the office. Renu tells us she often calls up her kids and tells them to go study when she sees them wasting time watching TV in the living room.

Renu also makes a valid point about pet owners who may also find a CCTV camera setup useful, especially if you leave your pet alone with your domestic help and are unsure about the treatment being meted out in your absence. Renu told us she had to fire a maid who kept her dog chained for hours when she had been explicitly told not to do so.

Two Sony chip CCTV cameras – one guarding the entrance and another in the living room of the apartment – have been enough to recover her peace of mind, and for this Renu had to make a payment of roughly Rs. 25,000. This setup cost includes the technological add-ons (like a DVR and static IP address) that help Renu remotely monitor home activity on her laptop or mobile phone.

We also spoke to the provider who helped Renu set up the CCTV system in her home. Nikhil Changlani of Safety Solutions, who broke down the costing in layman terms. To hear more from Nikhil about video security monitoring, check out this blog post.

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