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As Renu says in her video, since home security is still unchartered territory for most Indians, they often rely on the recommendations of the provider in choosing the right brand of CCTV cameras or digital video recorders while installing a video security system in their homes. When it comes to a sensitive topic like home security, it becomes important to find a provider whom you trust and who understands your needs.

After talking to Nikhil Changlani of Safety Solutions about the CCTV camera setup at Renu’s home, we asked him to take us through the fundamentals that need to be understood about home security systems. In the video, he explains the technical details that go into video monitoring and also the cost involved. He also talks about Video Door Phones, another popular product that homeowners are opting for.

Echoing Renu’s concerns, Nikhil points out that keeping a watch over domestic help is a foremost reason homeowners are opting for video security monitoring in big cities like Mumbai. Given the spate of crimes involving domestic help that make it to the newspapers on an almost daily basis, we didn’t find that surprising at all.

Nikhil also pointed out that companies such as his are keener on targeting housing societies than individual homeowners. Home security providers often gets invited to housing society meetings to educate residents about the advantages of setting up a fully equipped video security system that covers an entire building or group of buildings. The costing for such projects is often dependent on budgets but Nikhil warns that cutting corners is not recommended when it comes to security.

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