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We all go through days of impossible hair when no amount of combing and brushing give you the desired results i.e. the look you’re aiming for.

For most people living in a sub-tropical country like India, ‘impossible’ goes by the name ‘frizzy’. Mind you, ‘frizzy’ isn’t just the domain of my curly-haired brothers and sisters. She plagues us all. She’s like the common cold of the hair universe.

We all experience and live with this predicament all our lives, taking for granted that there’s no single cure or solution for it. Remedies there are, though nothing permanent. And we simply learn to accept it and move on. We even make ‘bad hair day’ excuses.

However, it’s these days of frustration that push us to go back to the basics and try out something simple. After using and spending mad money on chemical-laden serums and leave-in conditioners which only increased the oiliness on my scalp, I decided it was time to try a natural cure.

Aloe vera gel. Now it’s a messy, not to mention sticky, job to get 100% pure aloe vera from the plant itself (I would know, I tried this at home). So began my search for something a little more convenient but pure in a packaged format. The product I found is called D. Jain’s Eco Aloe Vera, Gel manufactured and packaged by Eco-Friendly Industries in Maharashtra. It’s a faint green translucent gel with an extremely mild fragrance to it.

After every head bath, while my hair is still damp, I dunk my index and middle finger into the jar, lightly coat my fingertips in the aloe gel and smooth over the frizzy areas of my hair.

Doing just this much ensures frizz control throughout the day. It especially comes in handy while I’m styling my hair and attempting a sexy, wet look before heading out for a party. A look like that usually involves using some very expensive hair-products by Schwarzkopf or L’Oreal. Lucky me!

Other than its frizz control and hair styling uses, aloe vera gel also acts as a thin, unseen protective screen on your skin throughout the day and protects it from the effects of sun rays, dust and pollution.

What’s more – it can also be used as an aftershave lotion. However, I do wish the packaging was a little more glamorous.

Product: D. Jain’s Eco Aloe Vera Gel

Weight: 100g

Price: Rs.80