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As his parents would testify, 14-year-old Abhishek’s ears are perpetually plugged to a pair of earphones blaring out his favourite rapster and rock tunes to drown out the world around him. Think back to when you were 14 and you’ll probably sympathize. After trying out several brands, Abhishek swears by Monster Beats headphones.

A few days ago, American rapper Lil Wayne was spotted sporting custom red headphones by Beats, so the company is suddenly back in the limelight and its products are flying off the shelves.

Now if you don’t know about Beats, you obviously don’t know what cool is. As Abhishek explains in the video, Beats Electronics Inc. was founded by hip-hop artist and record producer Andre “Dr Dre” Young who has helped establish the careers of rappers like Snoop Dogg, Eminem and 50 Cent.

Monster Beats Earphones

For $50 (Rs. 2,750) a piece, which includes a compact circular pouch to keep them safe, these earphones might seem indulgent. We weren’t sure if Abhishek’s review was more influenced by hype than the actual quality of the product.

But then we tried them on and were blown away! The three-dimensional sound has to be heard to be believed and its superiority stands out starkly when you compare it with the boring flatness of sound delivered by a pair of Nokia, Samsung or Apple earphones.

The earphones are definitely teen-friendly – they come in a variety of colors, are tangle-proof and hello, it’s endorsed by a guy who gets away by calling himself a doctor without a medical degree!

This one is highly recommended as a gift to anyone below 21 or if you’re a fan of bass-laden, beat-dominated music.

Product: Monster Beats Earphones
Price: Approx. US$ 50
Availability: Available on (USA) here – Genuine Monster Beats Audio Headphone w/ mic, playback remotes – original HTC Sensation earphone in Black/Red finish