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A red lipstick is a big no-no with me. Blessed with a typical Indian (wheatish) complexion, a red lipstick spells only one thing – make-up disaster! I’ve followed this beauty diktat all my life, sticking religiously to my pinks and browns!

Now I’m already a die-hard fan of Colorbar nail paints and a casual sojourn to my neighborhood beauty shop recently was for nothing more than to replenish my dwindling stock of nail colours. As is customary, the girl at the counter suggested I try a new Colorbar product – a crayon lipper.

My obvious reluctance to try on even a swatch of the red shade didn’t deter the sales girl’s efforts… she showed me anyway! Like its predecessors who’ve tried to make a splash, this jumbo crayon lip pencil looked nothing special. However, after the tussle between my “I-don’t-wear-red-as-a-rule” and the sales girl’s “this-is-a-fast-selling-brand-right now”, I relented and agreed to give the tester a try.

The lip pencil glided smoothly. It felt soft, creamy and blended matte with a hint of gloss to perfection. “Whoa! Why is this colour looking so good on me?” was my first reaction. And just as I was beginning to recover from this shock, I realized the product’s called Take Me As I Am Lip Color (Mischievous Wine). Mortifying!!

I think it was sheer insanity (at least I thought so at the moment) that made me buy a red pencil lipstick. But a family wedding presented me with an opportunity to wear my red lipper. Fingers crossed!! Turns out, aunts, sisters and girlfriends loved the shade on me. I received tons of compliments!

I love the fact that Colorbar Cosmetics has come up with a red that feels custom-made for me. Devoid of the “look-at-me” effect, this red actually made me look a shade lighter in complexion, not darker as I had feared. In a single stroke, Colorbar’s Take Me As I Am Lip Color glides smoothly and evenly. There’s really no need to go for a second application. It doesn’t coat the lips or feel heavy. It’s a fairly long-stay colour and does not chalk on my lips. The tip of this jumbo lipper is quite thick and allows several applications before needing to be sharpened. And the specially designed sharpener (which comes free with the lipper) does its job satisfactorily, sharpening without excessive wastage.

Colorbar’s Take Me As I Am Lip Color is sold at a whopping Rs. 800. Way too exorbitant! For all the pros working in its favour, the only con is its price!! Fully aware of the fact that this lip colour is a one-time investment for me, I admit it’s way too much to blow on a lipstick.

Colorbar’s Take Me As I Am Lip Color with its happy red, smooth texture and long stay-on quality, though a great addition to my make-up kit, has created quite a dent in my pocket.

Product: Colorbar Take Me As I Am Lip Color (Mischievous Wine)
Price: Rs. 800

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