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While picking up the True Wear Nail Colour (see review here) shade from the beauty shop, my eyes fell on another range from the Lakme collection of nail paints. I decided to try out the 05 Aqua Blaze from Lakme Absolute Fast & Fabulous, which is slightly more expensive and comes in an impressive range of 30 shades.

This nail paint fares well on first impressions as it comes in a very trendy bottle and the glittery cobalt blue caught my eye immediately – fashionable without being over-the-top.

As I mention in the video, the problems start when we put to test the claims made on the bottle:

Unique brush for 1-stroke application: The first coat looks extremely poor. It’s definitely not a 1-stroke nail paint. Only the third coat will get you close to the desired color. I was satisfied only with the fourth coat.

Wet to set in 40 seconds: The first coat does dry fast but as you see in the video, it’s barely a thin film of color on my nails. Conversely, the third and fourth coat took longer than 40 seconds to dry because of the increasing thickness.

So basically, the glitter range of Lakme’s trendy new Fast & Fabulous needs some work. For something that’s steeply priced at Rs. 175 for 10ml, it’s not a 1-stroke nail color as it claims – and that’s just sad!!

There’s better stuff out there

Try out this range only if you’re into nail-art and looking for bright and glittery colors, or you don’t mind splurging to stock up your vanity case. I love glitter nail colors and there are some interesting brands in the market that get the job done in max two strokes. I wouldn’t pick up another Lakme Absolute Fast & Fabulous glitter nail color because it didn’t really work for me. But yes, I’m adventurous enough to try their glossy, neon-happy range.

Product: Lakme Absolute Fast & Fabulous: 05 Aqua Blaze

Weight: 10ml

Price: Rs.175

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