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I love street food, especially meat on skewers, and I’m drawn to it like a moth to the flame. I wouldn’t say I’m up for it every second day or could even digest all that meat, but I am passionate about it. It’s not just the food; it’s also the energy that is very inviting… the whole atmosphere is celebratory at such places.

Mahim Bazaar’s khao galli (food street) is your answer if you’re looking for delicious food on a tight budget. In a world where you can’t eat a meal in a restaurant without having to fork out at least a couple of Rs. 500 notes, imagine having a satisfying dinner (with dessert) for under Rs. 150! Since I’ve lived just a few lanes down Mahim Bazaar for all my life, this place has been my favourite haunt for years – first with family, then school and college friends, and now my colleagues.

The must-haves

Chicken shawarma with the following choice of breads:

a) Regular bread rolls
b) Khaboos Roti, which is an Iranian flat bread
c) Regular Indian rotis

I usually opt for the third option but the bread is equally tasty with freshly cut hot chicken from the gyro, coupled with a slightly spicy mayonnaise and crispy potato fries. One will cost you Rs. 45. Most people are full with one of these, but I can have two!

Seekh kebabs at Mahim Bazaar Khao Galli
Beef seekh kebabs

These juicy, spicy, succulent pieces are party starters in the feel-good area of my brain. A plate of four kebabs sells for Rs. 40 and can make my day.

Bhuna Pav with beef kheema

People with an average appetite would want to stop here but for those who want to keep going, bhuna pav with a plate of beef kheema can be a good finishing touch to your meal and make you poorer by a mere Rs. 30.

There’s dessert too!

If the spice suddenly hits you, hop over to the cart where you get a glass of chilled and milky juice in apple, mango and rose flavors for just Rs. 10!

Meanwhile, hardcore dessert lovers will find firni, malpua and rawa halwa to indulge their sweet tooth.

Mahim Bazaar Khao Galli
It’s not just the price factor that is appealing about Mahim Bazaar. Despite the external appearance of the food carts that are parked along the narrow busy road, I’ve never heard of anybody falling ill after a meal here. The food is always hygienic and prepared with professionalism and large hearts. The service is fast and friendly. And you get to see, hear and smell the meat crackle on the flames. It can’t get any better than this.

I’d recommend this place to anyone who likes a good meal, is not afraid to experiment and somebody with a big appetite for food with a little bit of adventure thrown in.

Where: Mahim Bazaar Khau Galli, Zaheerbhai’s Arabian Shawarma Lane, Mahim
When to go: 6pm till about 1am

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  1. Khalid

    That is so true Neha, I too have grown up in Mahim, and agree to what you have to say, Khau Gali is like a paradise to a lot of food lovers especially when you are low on budget, but I just wanted to share a few things that I discovered, I dont quite like the quality of meat that is used, as I have a few friends who supply meat to eateries like these, and they say that the meat is often a couple days old, have u ever tasted one of the seeks there and that typical smell in the meat, thats not the smell of meat, its meat that is mixed with all the organs and guts and ….., I guess thats how one can afford 40 Rs a plate. Now ifl you like chicken let me tell you about HFC, an awesome place at the end of hill rd opp St Andrews church, Girl You have never had burgers like these or Fried Chicken or their wraps, they are just so fresh and not so expensive like Mc ds or KFCs i think their delivery numbers are 9833615057 try them till then Boom