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Emcee, presenter Vishaal Rasquinha pulled out his phone when asked to pick a product to review. Here’s him talking at length about his new Redmi Note 3.

The clincher — the USP of all Xiaomi phones — cutting-edge specs at a much lower price compared to leading phone brands. He says this not once but twice, “The Redmi Note 3 is an airplane in the cost of a car.”

And what makes it so, he begins, is the 720p display with vivid colours and fluid touch. He’s also a fan of the customizable home screen that lets you choose screen transition style. It comes with built-in anti-virus, phone and RAM cleaners that give him the equivalent of the “Apple advantage”.

He also holds up pictures taken with his 13MP front camera that do not break at the edges on zooming and the fine video recording quality, especially low light. Perfect for a performer who needs a decent camera handy. The drawback – slow shutter speed.

The biggest backing of them all, given his profession that often involves back-to-back shows, is the long battery life – one-and-a half day on single charge with screen set to full brightness.

He does have one bone to pick and that’s the flimsy back cover. He’s bought an external case to keep the phone from damage.

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