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Fitness Tips for 2015

Chances are moderation was lost at the first frosted cake at Thanksgiving and things went downhill from there. If getting into shape in 2015 figures among your top resolutions, slow down before New Year Eve arrives. Try these tips.

1) Prepare for temptation: First be clear that there will be a party and a big, tempting spread of food.

2) Rely on intuition: Our brain processes and sends signals to our body when we feel hungry or full. So consume filler food first.

3) Absolute no to pre-party salvation: As you head to the party from work or home, make sure you snack on proteins like nuts or oats crackers or mini meal bars. It helps limit food intake and maintains energy levels.

4) Say no to large helpings: Survey the buffet table first. Choose a smaller plate and avoid stacking food on it. This helps in portion control.

5) Go slow on every bite: The food on the plate needs to be chewed well before ingestion. Why? Because it takes 20 minutes for the brain to process that the stomach is full. So eat slowly. Enjoy every bite.

6) Watch the calories: Dips and sauces supply lots of unwanted calories. Instead go for salads and lean meats over breads and pastas. Alcohol provides empty calories and tends to induce hunger. So if you must, choose healthier options like red wine. Get a good balance of proteins fiber and water on the plate. Go low, very low on desserts. They are tempting but high in calories.

7) Mingle away from food: Talk to your family or friends away from the buffet table.

8) EXERCISE: A 20-minute workout of any kind before you dress up for your party will keep you happy, upbeat and of course, in shape!