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Image: @evleaks

What’s stated to be a leaked press shot, @evleaks via Twitter has released images of the front and back of the Nokia Lumia 1520, so far codenamed ‘Bandit’. Rumours of the 6-inch Nokia phablet slated to launch end of this year have been doing the rounds since late last month. And if this is indeed the picture of that phone, then news is that its super-busy Windows 8 screen is full-HD 1080p, and that is really the clincher. A look at the home screen, shows two-three extra live tile columns.

The comparisons with the Lumia 1020 are obvious, especially because Lumia 1520 looks like a super-sized 1020 as far as appearance goes – with a polycarbonate body and near-identical design. But the back of the phone is quite different. Online tech portal surmises from the look of the back, “It suggests that there will be a Lumia 925-style camera hump — sorry, no 41-megapixel sensor here — along with aesthetics borrowed from other members of the Lumia family.” 

 It is also rumoured that around November, Microsoft will release an update on the Windows Phone 8 operating system – the General Distribution Release 3 (GDR3) along with (again rumoured) new firmware from Nokia named Bittersweet Shimmer, reported Windows Phone Central.

And this update, expected to be for the Lumia 1520, is what will really enable the phone to sport the 1080p display, apart from other advancements on Windows 8-powered smartphones.