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Written by Apoorva Singh

While several new trends have popped up in 2015, the one that has undoubtedly prevailed, both on the ramp and in the streets, is the ‘Dark Lipstick’ trend. The look is edgy and modern, making it a strong style statement for confident women. It’s been quite the rage in recent months with colours like black, purple, wine and mahogany becoming popular choices for lip colours. And it’s not just supermodels and celebrities who’ve embraced this trend. Young girls the world over are boldly flashing dark lips on all occasions, right from casual outings to office meetings!


But what about right here at home? Do our Indian beauties have what it takes to sport dark lips out in public? To find out, I asked a bunch of college-going girls in Mumbai what they thought about the Dark Lipstick trend and whether they would be ready to try it!

Isha Dave, 18, SIES College of Science, Arts and Commerce

Yes, I would love to experiment with this look! These new colours are extremely bold and they help you stand apart from all those girls who like to play it safe with the cute and pretty look. These colours are fierce! And vibrant. For a wild occasion like a Halloween party, I would definitely sport some black lips. However, red brick will always be my favourite shade!



Aafreen Raut, 18, SIES College of Science, Arts and Commerce

I would love to try out this trend! I’m especially fascinated by shades of black for its vampirish, spooky vibe. Black is my favourite colour because I love its gothic feel. Moreover, Kat Von D has made me an eternal fan of black lipsticks!




Maitree Pasad, 18, Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI)

I would definitely love to try out these shades, keeping in mind, however, which of them would suit my complexion the best. Trying out new things is always fun and it helps define how bold you truly are!
Hiral Shah, 18, Jai Hind College

What I particularly like about this trend is how I can look both bold and beautiful at the same time! Among all the colours my favourite is the rust or the bad penny shade since it’s absolutely gorgeous and gives off some extremely cool vampirish vibes. It’s a perfect combination of wearable and glamorous!



Manasi Pathak,18, SIES College of Science, Arts and Commerce

I wouldn’t really opt for a darker shade of lipstick. First of all, it wouldn’t suit my skin tone. And also, I am not really confident of boldly smashing a dark lipstick look. Not being a very girly girl, I tend to go for lighter/subtle shades since it gives me a soft, sweet appearance and I’m comfortable with that. Comfort is all that matters to a woman, so I believe I’ll stay in my comfort zone and opt for lighter shades.



Kanika Deshpande, 18, Mulund College of Commerce

Although I wouldn’t opt for colours like black or dark purple, I would definitely experiment with maroons and browns as they contrast extremely well with my skin tone and look very pretty. Not only do these shades help me look elegant and classy, they give my entire look a very trendy edge!



Riddhi Shah, 18, SIES College of Science, Arts and Commerce

I would definitely love to try out this trend! One of the major perks of these dark shades is that they suit any occasion, be it parties, meetings or a casual day out. Moreover, these dark shades look extremely bold & trendy on both Indian and Western wear, because of which the scope for experimentation increases tremendously!



Foram Palan, 18, Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Pharmacy

Even though I’m game for trying out dark lipsticks, I wouldn’t, however, go all out and try on shades of blue or purple since these colours don’t really suit everyone. Apart from these shades, I would definitely experiment with browns, maroons and reds, as they are better suited to my Indian complexion. Among these, cherry red is definitely my favourite as it makes me feel elegant and beautiful!
Jeslin Cherian, 18, SIES College of Science, Arts and Commerce

Why not! Darker shades give you a bold and confident look, provided you can carry it off. I would love to try it out and encourage others to give it a try too!




Rucha Shelke, 21, Vivekananda Education Society’s Institute Of Technology

Except for my trustworthy brown and red lipsticks, I’m not really a fan of dark lip colours! I They wouldn’t really suit my golden complexion. Shades like black and purple are especially a complete no-no for me!



Soumya Bakshi, 18, SIES College of Economics and Arts

I wouldn’t really opt for these colours as I prefer my makeup to always look neutral or minimal. Purple, black and blue are a little too loud for my taste! I’d rather go for lighter shades like pink, nude etc. since I feel much more confident and pretty in them.



And here’s what I think!

Apoorva Singh, 18, SIES College of Science, Arts and Commerce

YES, YES and again, YES!! Lipsticks are my absolute favourite makeup accessory and I thoroughly enjoy experimenting with them. I particularly love this new trend because it brings out my wilder side. These rich colours make me feel confident enough to do just about anything! Put one on and I’m ready to take on the world. While pinks and nudes lie in the safer zone, these are strong colours that can either make or break your outfit. A perfect combination of sassy and fierce, this look makes you feel powerful and beautiful at the same time!


So, by the looks of it, it while most of these Indian girls are ready to experiment with darker shades, there may be some time before we see dark black or purple lips becoming a common sight out in the city’s streets. But who knows – with so many of them being open to the idea, dark lips may just become a rage here in India very soon!


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