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Excessive and rapid hair fall is directly related to loss of sleep, worry lines and heartburn – I discovered this about 6 months ago. After much trial and experimentation, I came to the frustrating realization that nothing sold in these glamorous hair product bottles promising strong, healthy, luxurious hair actually works. At least not for me. My hair was special and needed to be treated so!

As a desperate measure and one last cry for help, I turned to the hair experts at Cheryl’s Cosmecueticals. This Mumbai-based company has recently been in the limelight after it became the first Indian brand to be acquired by cosmetics giant L’Oreal, which is ample proof of their expertise and quality of their products.

The expert I met at Cheryl’s thankfully went directly to the “root” of the problem. See, I have an oily scalp, which I was told is the main cause of hair fall, and over-active oil glands in the scalp leads to dandruff. Put the two together and I was a strong candidate for premature hair loss. While the verdict was quite worrying, the hair expert at the Cheryl’s clinic immediately put me on a treatment regimen that was focused on improving the overall health of my scalp.

The first step, he told me, was to get rid of the dandruff. He recommended an anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner which managed to do this within a matter of weeks.

The greater challenge was to restore my thinning hairline to its former health. I was advised to use the Cheryl’s Anagen Stop Hairfall Homecare Kit, which includes a shampoo, conditioner, hair oil and hair tonic.

Hair oil for an oily scalp! That didn’t make sense. But I was told that Anagen Hair Oil was not the conventional keep-overnight kind of oil. Just applying it 30 minutes before a head wash would more than suffice. Oh joy! Happy dance!! This light, non-greasy oil came off in the first wash – it has zero oily feel and absolutely no hint of oily residue. My scalp felt squeaky clean!
Cheryl’s Anagen Stop Hair Fall Homecare Kit
The Anagen Hair Tonic was a pleasant surprise just like the hair oil. It was light and non-greasy, and did its work at the root level without making my scalp feel heavy. Initially, I was advised to use it twice a week. What particularly impressed me was the fact that I had to use a dropper to apply the hair tonic in every section of my hair, thereby ensuring maximum benefits with zero wastage. Super brownie points won here with me! And even when I cut down my application to once a week, I reaped the same benefits. Stronger roots! Reduced hair fall!!

The Anagen Hair Shampoo worked wonders on my hair. With each wash, my hair not only felt cleaner and healthier, but also more voluminous and luxurious, without making my scalp feel too dry and my hair too brittle. My faith was returning – yes, all was well in my world again!

I love the icy-blue colour of Cheryl’s Anagen Hair Conditioner. Unlike most conditioners, this one does not leave a greasy, oily film on my hair. And for the 3 to 5 minutes I leave it in, it does its job thoroughly. My hair feels very soft, tangle-free and luxurious.

Cheryl’s Anagen Stop Hair Fall Homecare Kit is available either at the Cheryl’s clinic in Santa Cruz or at some select salons only. I must mention the care and concern with which the Cheryl’s hair experts diagnosed my hair problems and offered solutions specifically for my scalp. Months later, today, I have long, healthy, soft and voluminous hair – just see the video!

Product: Cheryl’s Anagen Stop Hair Fall Homecare Kit


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