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Samsung Electronics announced Samsung Smart Home – an application that will connect your smartphones and tablets to all household appliances — at CES, Las Vegas on Jan 5. Once the service becomes available in the first half of this year, it’ll defrost your fridge, run the washing machine, and remotely control your home theatre, your digital camera or TV from your smartphone or tablet. The app will give you access to gadgets at home from wherever you are — at work, during your daily commute or even during a trip to another country.

Samsung Smart Home Announced at CES 2014

Image: Samsung 

Wonpyo Hong, President, Media Solutions Center, Samsung Electronics, said, “In the coming days, we will continue to roll out better home services to our consumers to enable them to keep enjoying a brand-new experience of ‘Smart Living and Beyond’.”

To start with, Smart Home will offer 3 functionalities: Device Control, Home View and Smart Customer Service. ‘Device Control’, as the name suggests, will allow you to monitor and operate devices at home, like say turn off the AC if you forgot to do it on your way out. ‘Home View’ feature will give real-time look at the home on your smartphone via in-built appliance cameras. And ‘Smart Customer Service’ will notify you on all aspects of product servicing.

Smart Home will also incorporate the voice command feature. The press release informs: “If the user says ‘good night’ to their Smart TV remote control, the TV will be turned off and lights dimmed and gradually turned off in readiness for sleep. Users can also use chat control on their smartphone app as a fun, convenient way to communicate with their devices.”

The Smart Home vision isn’t just limited to remote operating devices or devices made by Samsung alone. While initially Samsung will stick to gadgets from the home brand – Samsung TVs, home appliances and smartphones — it will eventually collaborate with third parties to bring in real integration inside the home. The service will find a vital place in areas like energy management, home security and healthcare.

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