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If green had to have a smell, I think this is what it would be.

We’ve heard of olive oil in cooking and beauty products like moisturizers and face creams. But Body Shop’s ebony green Olive Shower Gel is an unexpected, refreshing surprise.

The Body Shop Olive Shower Gel is part of a range of olive oil-based products that includes a body butter, a body scrub and this shower gel.

This gel has olive oil as its base and it is soap-free, which could make you think it will be heavy and that it won’t come off easily. But it is, in fact, a very light gel that you need to use only a few drops of per wash.



What makes it worth a buy is that it’s a complete time-saver. A two-minute shower with the gel makes your skin feel exactly as if you had taken a 15-minute hot oil massage, followed by a long bath. It’s true! The gel contains something called oleic acid, which supposedly has great moisturizing properties.

Also, the smell is just so enchanting, you will get addicted to your showers. The fresh grassy tones give you the feeling of actually picking olives on a family farm in southern Italy – which is where the Community Trade organic olive oil used to make this product comes from.

Body Shop’s Olive Shower Gel has a mild, unisex smell that does not dominate, so it’s a great family product. Like many Body Shop products, this is one that you will want to keep returning to for its very unique offering of smell and sensation.

Product: Body Shop Olive Shower Gel

Qty: 250ml

Price: Rs.340