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Model and college-goer Shreeradhe Khanduja from Jai Hind has to often juggle classes with fashion shows. For somebody who’s always on the move but needs to look flawless for the camera, Pond’s White Beauty BB Cream has become a go-to product that trumps over time-consuming foundation.

She mixes her Pond’s BB Cream with Johnson’s Baby Cream to give her the right, even coverage – just as good as any foundation!

Over time, Shreeradhe has found multiple uses for the product. She mixes the BB cream with her concealer to maintain evenness in skin tone. Other times, she uses it to make a base for her eye shadow.

Review: How To Use Your Ponds BB Cream

Whichever way she uses it, this BB Cream is easy to remove and doesn’t give her a cakey look that’s the bane of many foundations out there. And for someone with sensitive skin, Shreeradhe is pleased to inform that she’s never had rashes from the use of this cream, even when it’s stayed on for several hours.

In the video, she also mentions the design of the product which comes in what she says a convenient, tiny tube that’s easy to carry around.

This review is an #instareview audition shot at Jai Hind’s annual college festival, Entourage 2014. Shreeradhe was selected as one of the best reviewers of the day, for which she took home fragrance from All Good Scents. Watch her and other winners review the perfumes here.

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