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IKONIC is a brand trusted by more than 1,00,000 hair styling professionals for its complete range of hair styling tools and equipment. IKONIC recently launched a range of mini hair-styling tools for its consumer segment. Having already done its social media promotion, the brand was looking for a unique way to showcase its products. With this aim, Real Reviews & IKONIC teamed up as contest partners for the IKONIC Hair Makeover, a hair-styling contest for college-goers at Entourage 2014, an annual college festival organized by students of Jai Hind College, one of the top colleges in South Mumbai. Provided with a mini-dryer, mini-iron, professional curling tong, other assorted hair products and 20 minutes, the participants tried their hand at giving their friends a hair makeover. While some struggled with handling the tools, others proved to be quite adept at hair styling techniques. The buzz generated by the contest and the video shoot attracted several college-goers to the stall. While the event had been geared towards attracting a female audience, the interest displayed by male college-goers in ancillary products such as hair spray, is proof of the growing interest among men of this age group in male grooming. The contest winner – Alina Khadka from Delhi University – took home an IKONIC mini-dryer and mini-iron. Apart from regular posts on social media during the run-up to the event, Real Reviews also gave IKONIC one blog post about the contest video, which will stay on the Real Reviews website permanently, collecting more visibility and goodwill post-event.

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