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Product review of All Good Scents fragrances for women

The ladies at Jai Hind’s InstaReview auditions really rocked it with their spontaneity, comprehensiveness and sheer enthusiasm. Three of them made it to the top for which they earned themselves fragrances from All God Scents for women, an online perfumery for men and women. In this video they review 3 select fragrances – Flirty, Chic and Tender.

Our first reviewer was the charming student and model Shreeradhe Khanduja who reviewed Flirty. To begin with, she finds the bottle compact and sturdy to carry in your bag. As for its smell, she says the fragrance is true to name. “It’s flirty, it’s definitely flirty,” she says, and sure to get a guy’s attention. Perfect for college wear.

The bubbly, irresistibly upbeat Shikha Shah tried both Chic and Tender. Chic is her pick for parties. “It makes me feel quite chicy,” she says in the video. And Tender… even though she didn’t take to it at the beginning, she loved it after the edge wore off after a while to reveal a subtle fragrance. She slots it for her working hours.

Sanah, the owner of Crumbilicious in Colaba, found Tender refreshing but Chic a little too flowery for her. “It’s but a matter of taster at the end of the day,” she says.

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