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Here’s Part 2 of our Real Reviews LED TV Buyers’ Guide with Devita Saraf, CEO of Vu Technologies. After answering some basic questions about LED TVs in Part 1, Devita addresses common issues and concerns, and tells us briefly about 3D TVs and Smart TVs, referring to some of the latest models in the Vu range. (The post contains 4 videos)

I’ve heard LED TVs tend to overheat, especially in humid climates. Is it true?

Devita tells us that LED TVs are indeed sensitive and susceptible to moisture, something to keep in mind if you live near the sea or have damp walls. However, she says, proper and regular maintenance can ensure these factors do not affect the life span of your TV.


Is a 3D TV worth the investment?

Even if you end up buying a 3D TV, how often are you going to use it?


What exactly constitutes a Smart TV and what are the options I have?

In the video, Devita informs us that less than 1% of Indian consumers who’ve bought a Smart TV actually end up using it. But that’s because most Smart TVs don’t really offer seamless connectivity. Saying this, she takes us through some smart TVs in the Vu range that address this gap. Vu boasts of having the first TV with inbuilt Windows 8, Apple, Linux or Android operating systems – and that too on a 55-inch screen!


Do LED TVs have an expiry date? How long can I expect an LED TV to last?

Depending on how well you maintain your TV, Devita says LED TVs can last up to 7-8 years.


If you want to check out any of the Vu TVs mentioned in the guide, you can drop in at the Vu Experience Centre in Andheri or at their other showrooms across India. For more information, visit the website. 

14 Responses

  1. Parita Shah

    Its more than a week after their service engineer has visited & till date my LED TV is out of order due to Power supply Unit not working. After reading reviews regarding VU technologies service, I am some what convinced that its an use and Throw product. Expecting some response from Top management in this matter.

  2. Uttarika Kumaran

    Parita, sorry to hear about your experience. Perhaps it will help VU if you state what exactly went wrong with your TV and where you are based.

  3. Parita Shah

    Hi Uttarika,
    Thanks for your prompt reply. I posses a LED 46 inch TV which is not functioning and their service engineer has visited my place on 21.10.13 and its a power supply malfunction as per his service report. On repeated request and mails to top management another engineer visited on 27.10.13 but with no spares parts. i am based in Mumbai And I have sent my contact details via email to you, which you may please forward

  4. Mr T Miranda

    Dear Mrs Shah ,
    Spoken with Mr Nimit Shah , Vu eng is on his way with spare to ensure closure today .
    thank u .

  5. Parita Shah

    Hi Uttarika,
    I am very thankful to you for being a mediator and solving my problem. Thanks once again

  6. Sanjay Patil

    I am planning to buy LED TV Please suggest me TV size for viewing distance 6-7 feet (wall to wall distance 9 feet).

    And also maximum angle from which watch TV with better quality.

  7. Arun

    I am extremely unhappy with the service of Vu Tv. i bought Tv last month but certain functions like USB connection and Internet are not working. I have booked complaint but no satisfactory response yet. It is most difficult to contact Vu. It is published on website that the service is available from 9 AM to 9 PM , 365 days but it is not true. They work from 10 AM to 5 PM with holidays more than any state govt holidays. It is impossible to get service if you are working person.

  8. Pravin Nikam

    I have purchased Vu 55K160GAU 140 cm (55) LED TV from flipkart on 30-06-2015 and suddenly after 10 months TV is not getting switch on and I made a complain on VU customer care on 19th April, 2016 and I received the complain number VU1986 and the next day i.e on 20th April one of the engineer visited my place to check the TV and he said that there is some problem in the part and we need to order the same which will 2 to 3 days and its been a week now and I am calling on VU customer care frequently to know the status but I haven’t recieved any update till yet. Request you to please check the same on priority as the TV is not in function from past 1 week now or if it going to take some more time than please provide me a back up TV till the time TV gets repair.

    Request to please take the issue on priority as I am waiting since very long.

  9. mogharahul

    Parita, is your issues fixed, i too have bought it yesterday, have to be recieved by today.

    So nervous after these reviews!!!

    Lets hope for the best


    Guys dont buy any Tv from VU.. THERE IS NO CUSTOMER CARE TO HEAR YOU.. if u don’t belive me ho to VU SITE AND TRY CUSTOMER CARE NO ONE PIC UP UR CALL.. BUYING THIS TV u r on UR OWN..

    • Mahesh Sharma

      Vu Service / Support Department is providing onsite warranty and help on any post-sales service whenever required (including REMOTE CONTROL requirement).
      We request you to please contact Vu support Department for assistance on.
      Telephone: 1 800 22 8455 (Toll Free – available between 9:30am to 6:00pm from Monday to Saturday) / 9322999917 (Mobile – only for SMS / WhatsApp) Else, write a mail to: (you need to attach your Vu TV’s Purchase Invoice copy, while sending the mail).


    First I thought of buying this done some research and end up .. with bad experience.. NO CUSTOMER CARE.. I WOULD LIKE TO GO FOR OTHER BRANDED COMPANY MAY BE HD NOT UHD. I WILL BE HAPPY to have 2HDMI PORT rather three if customer care is their. THINK TWICE guys thats ur hard earn money..