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With the festive season on its way in India, the market will soon be flooded with several attractive LCD & LED TV offers from top brands. But before you jump the gun and get swayed by low prices and limited period deals, we’ve put together a Real Reviews LED TV Buyers’ Guide so that you can make an informed decision at the point of purchase.

For our expert guide, we turned to Devita Saraf, CEO of Vu Technologies, a Mumbai-based company that has taken on the world’s biggest TV brands and carved a niche in the luxury TV space. Vu also offers a whole host of affordable and customizable LED TVs at extremely competitive prices. Watch the videos below for all the information you need before buying an LED TV. To watch Part 2 of the Real Reviews LED TV Buyers’ Guide with Devita Saraf, go here.

What is the difference between an LED, LCD and a Plasma TV?

After giving a brief explanation of all three types, Devita tells consumers to watch out for DLEDs, an inferior technology that sometimes gets passed off as LED, even by top brands.

Should I consider the floor space of my living room while picking the screen size?

Pick your screen size based on your budget, says Devita. The distance-between-TV-and-viewer concept is a hangover from CRT TV days when harmful radiation was a concern.

What are the basic connectivity options I should have on my LED TV?

There should be enough HDMI and USB ports based on the number of devices you plan to plug into the TV. But most importantly, says Devita, make sure your USB port plays MPEG files.

What are some things to watch out for while listening to a sales pitch for an LED TV?

Besides DLED, Devita says you should always base your final decision not on a well-known brand, but on what you see and how much you know. Picture quality, brightness, sharpness and contrast are important factors to consider, and prior research is always recommended.

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