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Reviewed by Abhishek Dey

Abhishek Dey, a Pune-based technology analyst and a hardcore gamer wanted a foldable Bluetooth keyboard for smooth gaming. But he didn’t want to spend a big sum on it, under Rs. 1,000 in fact. It looked almost impossible but thanks to Chinese enterprise and a website called, he now owns a sturdy but flexi, full-functional QWERTY keyboard that has weathered water spills and expectations.

At the time of purchase, the only thing going for it was its unique functionality; it wasn’t branded, had no reviews online and was manufactured by some unheard of Chinese startup. He even made a quick enquiry but got no response. So, as is common with online buying, he took a leap of faith.

Gaming Made Easy

Now the reason he bought this keyboard: Because Dey is a gaming freak, he spends days and nights in front of his flat LED screen TV that gives him the best resolution. Stuck with a wired keyboard, his eyes were beginning to feel the strain. This foldable keyboard, on the other hand, lets him sit 10 feet away from the screen.


On arrival, the keyboard turned out to be sleek, its buttons filled with air. It is a Bluetooth 2.0 device, with 50-hour continuous operation on single charge. It’s made with flexible rubber and comes with a mini USB and a USB cable. So it can be connected to smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs making it ideal for office or home use.

The keyboard comes in a small case in which it rolls right back in freeing up a lot of your desktop space. It’s small enough to carry in your side bag, too.

The Wow Factor

The keyboard is waterproof and shockproof; it continued functioning in spite of having fallen into water and after frequent manhandling by his little niece.

Room for Improvement

Everything can be bettered and Dey would like to see some improvements:

1) The Page-up, Page-down, Home and End keys do not align with the standard keyboard layout. While this may be important when working on text documents, for gaming it doesn’t really matter.

2) The battery compartment is sealed so you cannot replace the battery once its completely dead. Solar charging, says Dey, would be a great addition, just like the Logitech K760.

3) The keys are too small.

4) The Ctrl keys are not ergonomically placed.

You can buy the keyboard here.

Text by Saurabh Mazumdar

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