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Here’s a quick video of us unboxing the Dell E1912H 18.5-inch LED monitor.

To be honest, for less than Rs. 6,000 we weren’t expecting a great deal but we had heard that LED backlit monitors offer a good contrast ratio and even brightness. We aren’t too impressed with this particular version.

There is a flatness in the colours and the display is nothing exceptional. Graphics professionals would be better off using a Mac any day, but that really goes without saying, doesn’t it?

But still, LED screens are known to use less power and since they are cheap to manufacture, they will always been a cheap option for consumers on a budget.

We bought this monitor from Novelty Computers at Grant Road in Mumbai for Rs. 5,428. Novelty is where we get most of our computers and computer accessories from and at great discounts.

Product: Dell E1912H 18.5-inch LED monitor

Price: Rs. 5,428

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