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Image: HTC Press Room

Immersed in the battle of the specs and screen size enhancements, smartphone makers all but forget a big market – Dual SIM users, whose buying decision is swayed by this one feature. To capture this segment, HTC Corporation has been smart in rolling out a Dual SIM version of its star phone, the HTC One. And India is among the top five on the list of countries that will retail the phone.

Even though it is yet to launch here officially, online e-commerce site Flipkart is selling the HTC One Dual SIM (Silver) on its website at Rs. 46,495. The phone comes with a 1-year Indian warranty.

So how different is the HTC One Dual SIM different from the single-SIM HTC One?

Not much, except:

Networks: Of course, this handset has two SIM cards slots – CDMA and GSM networks are supported on the first SIM card slot, with the second running 3G GSM.

Memory: Unlike the single-SIM HTC One which does not has a microSD card slot, the Dual SIM version has 32GB internal memory expandable via microSD to up to 64 GB.

Price: The silver HTC One Dual SIM phone costs Rs. 46,495, which is almost Rs. 3,600 more than the single-SIM HTC One (Silver).

Key Specs:

  • Dual SIM:
    SIM1:- Up to HSPA (900/2100 MHz) and up to EVDO REV. B (800 MHz
    SIM2:- Up to EDGE (900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • UltraPixel Primary Camera
  • 4.6-inch Full HD Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Full HD Recording
  • Android Jelly Bean OS
  • Expandable Storage Capacity of 64 GB
  • 2.1 MP Secondary Camera
  • 1.7 GHz Quad Core Processor