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After having auditioned at the Rotaract Mumbai event RED, Real Reviews pitched a stall at Jai Hind College’s Entourage 2014, the annual fest of BAF,BBI and BFM streams. Honestly, we expected fireworks from the finance crowd. And did they deliver!

An unending stream of enthusiastic and very camera-ready consumers shared one review after another, as earnest as they come, holding nothing back. You’ll get to see their audition videos soon!

Real Reviews at Jai Hind

To add to the excitement, Real Reviews had organized a Hair Makeover Contest in collaboration with Ikonic Professionals and On-The-Spot reviews of fragrances from All Good Scents with lots of freebies to be won! The Hair Makeover saw friends trying out the mini straightener, curling tong and hair dryer from Ikonic to create a winning look. Girls from different cities and colleges participated in this contest and we got to shoot some brilliant, talented hair stylists. The winners took home Mini Straighteners and Hair Dryers courtesy Ikonic Professionals. See more event images here.

Freebies: Ikonic and All Good Scents

Our InstaReview participants took home freebies from All Good Scents and The Mad Dough by just doing a one-minute audition. Though the day at Entourage was packed and full of cool surprises, it put us in touch with some really awesome people. And hats off to the Entourage team for sheer organization and personal attention!