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I picked up the FabIndia Seabuckthorn Oil only because it’s sold under the FabIndia brand name. And this one among others because it has not only seabuckthorn oil — which is widely used as an anti-ageing agent in products worldwide, and sounds exotic — but also almond oil, coconut oil, soyabean oil and sesame oil, all rich in Vitamin E. That sounds like bang for the buck! (It costs Rs.250 for 200ml).

While it’s not a heavy oil on its own, it’s a bit heavy to be called an afterbath oil. And it has a strong berry smell. I’d say it’s better used as a pre-shower massage oil, especially if you have normal skin like I do. And I reviewed this product for summer and monsoons. Maybe for dry skin, it works fine for all seasons. If I do use it as an afterbath oil, it leaves some bit of greasiness. The good part is, it’s not sticky and does not stain the clothes because it has a neutral colour.

FabIndia has also been thoughtful in the design of the nozzle; it’s very small, so you don’t end up smearing yourself with too much oil, and those are little mercies one likes to be thankful for. And they are certainly not overlooked!

But when I compare this oil to its direct competitor, Khadi, and the oils that it markets, I feel just a little disappointed, especially because my purchase was prompted by the brand name.

Quantity: 200ml

Price: Rs.250