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Has your Whisper Ultra been tearing of late, do you find it highly priced, does it give you a rash, is the adhesive too strong? Four of our reviewers share their feedback and love for the brand. We’d love to hear yours. Write to us at Whisper, are you listening?


There’s Nothing Like Whisper, It Just Comes Back: Priyam Bathija

Mumbai-based entrepreneur Priyam Bathija says she’s been using Whisper since her teen days when Carefree was her mother’s brand and Stayfree was her big sister’s brand. “This was the brand for us,” she says. Since then it’s been Whispers of many kinds, although she did get carried away by the marketing of a new brand midway only to return to Whisper Ultra. “There’s nothing like Whisper, it just comes back,” she says.


I Don’t Understand Why My Pad Is Tearing Of Late: Neha Shanbhag

In this video Neha Shanbhag, our Real Reviews Red Box winner reviews the Whisper Ultra Thin, a product she has been using for years as it gives her security and is long-lasting. It also does not irritate her sensitive skin to which she testifies, “I have never got a rash with this pad.” But one thing that has changed over the past 6 months, she says, is that the pad has begun to tear at the centre and the edges, and for the “really high price” she’s paying for the product, the new development unsettles her. But will that put her off the product? It’s a definite no from Neha.


Point-By-Point Design Feedback On Whisper Ultra Clean Wings

Real Reviews: Whisper Ultra Clean Wings Review

Real Reviews blogger Pallavi Dhingra says the product has no rival even remotely close, so “the trust we women place on this product means P&G has a bigger cross to bear.” Read her review here.

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