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Ishaan Nangia is a 14-year-old student of Mumbai’s Bombay Scottish School, more aware of latest tech than your average grownup. He isn’t too opinionated about it though, not yet that is.

In this video, he compares his iPad Mini with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, both of which he likes for different reasons. Feature-by-feature review apart, this is a comment on utility vs overall experience as factors that endear a user to a product.

While the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is thicker than the iPad Mini and also heavier, when it comes to reading, the narrower width of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 makes it easier to hold and less straining for the wrist when compared to the iPad Mini.

Since Ishaan is an Apple user — he owns an iPhone, a MacBook Air, an iPod Shuffle  — there are clear advantages of owning the iPad Mini when it comes to device connectivity; he can just take a picture, that auto uploads to iCloud, which he can access from any of his Apple devices.

When it comes to Indian connected homes, however, Samsung has it easy. Since Ishaan’s Sony TV has Android apps, his Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 automatically syncs YouTube to his TV the moment he launches the app on his tab. He doesn’t have to repeat the process every time he wants to stream a video from YouTube to his TV. The iPad Mini, however forgets the previous pairing and asks for a fresh pair code every time you want to navigate YouTube from it. So you go to, get a pair code and feed it to the TV to sync it every time, which some may find mildly hassling.

There’s of course the thing about Apple paid apps and free Android apps that make Android more appealing to Ishaan. But even all the pluses he lists of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 fail to tilt the balance in Samsung’s favour. “The iPad Mini wins hands-down,” says Ishaan, because of the sheer Apple experience, its display and the camera.