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Celebrity makeup artist and hair stylist Marvie Ann Beck talks about why out of the 30-40% of Indian women who buy makeup, only less than 2% know how to use it right; and makeup do’s and don’ts for the season.

We caught up with Marvie at the Professional Salon 2013 where she had come to ‘build her brand’ – the Marvie Ann Beck Luxury Salon & Academy. Excerpts from the interview:

RR: What are the most common mistakes people make while buying makeup?

Marvie: It’s easy to buy products off the store, but a lot of people go wrong while picking the right colour for themselves or for the weather.

People always end up buying the wrong foundation – both in terms of colour and texture. Education about using the product is very important, and that’s what we aim to do through our academy – to raise the standard of makeup in the country.

It is very important, for example, to get the lines correct while applying makeup, especially on the eyes.

Of the 30-35% of Indian women who use makeup, perhaps only 2% know how to use it correctly… and only a few brands are educating people on product use through their YouTube channels.

RR: What are the brands you are less likely to go wrong with?

Marvie: There is Chambor, MAC, Faces, Lakme… among the smaller brands, you can go for a liner from Inglot, a lipstick from Maybelline… There is a lot of variety in the Indian market but the right colour for Indian skin still needs to be perfected.

Makeup basics for dummies:

·  Always pair lighter lips with dark eyes and vice versa

·  If you want a mature look, use dark lip colours. And for an instant older look, go for black

·  If you want to look younger, go for a winged eyeliner look

Looks for the season:

·  Smudgy, smoky eyes created with waterproof mascaras and eyeliners

·  Minimal or no foundation, and concealer only for areas that really need it

·  Lots of blush and matte lip colours