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Dry unmanageable hair can feel like waging a daily battle where the enemy rarely loses. A strict oiling regimen is a crucial part of this battle. So far, olive oil and Parachute Coconut Oil have helped me in my war. They are both good but, just for adventure’s sake, I decided to try Parachute Advansed Tender Coconut Hair Oil.

The packaging is definitely better looking than most hair oils. At Rs. 85 for 200 ml, it is definitely light on the pocket too. Unlike traditional hair oil, this one stays in its liquid form all through winter. So that saves me a lot of time trying to liquefy a solidified chunk of oil. The oil actually looks lighter and less viscous than most other oils in the market. And so it really turns out to be! This light oil is also definitely more fragrant than traditional hair oils, which makes this product a lot more appealing. In addition, the bottle promises to enrich your scalp with multivitamins. A closer look at the ingredient list tell you that the chief component is mineral oil with sunflower, coconut, mustard and tender coconut oils forming only a minor component fraction of the product.

Sadly, however, it turned out to be way too light for my hair which is thick, long and very dry. It took a lot more oil to quench my scalp and even more for my hair. While the hair definitely felt nice, fragrant and relatively non-sticky after being oiled, it failed the litmus test of post-shampoo texture. After allowing it a night to work its magic, I washed it off the next morning with my regular shampoo and followed it up with conditioning. The hair felt a little coarser than it usually does. The tangles felt harder to manage after the wash.

Overall, it is a thumbs-down for me. Although, I do suspect that it will work better for someone whose hair is not quite as dry as mine.

Product: Parachute Advansed Tender Coconut Hair Oil (200 ml)

Price: Rs. 85