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Introducing three 11-year-old football fans – Gaurav, Anay and Soham — who sweat it out every evening – come rain or sun. And their mothers know they must find fun drinks to keep them healthy and hydrated. One of those is chocolate drinks; they are great to go with lunch boxes or for a refreshing evening drink. No upturned noses, no pouring milk down the drain!

To start out with their series of drink reviews, the three compared Danone’s Chocolate Smoothie with the Amul Kool Koko. While Amul Kool Koko is a chocolate-flavoured milk, Danone wants to categorically call its offering a smoothie, and not a chocolate drink. Fair enough, but you can’t serve that explanation to your young clients, can you?

We get that both brands target the college and office audience, as is clear from their TVCs and packaging, but let’s just face it – kids are the hardest to please. But in this case, a little more sugar does just fine. Here’s what we mean:

Sugar rush!

An adult may like the smooth, rich milky consistency with subtle cocoa flavor of Danone’s Chocolate smoothie, but the kids like their sugar, and that, and that alone makes Amul Kool Koko, made with homogenized double toned milk, a clear winner. All three of our reviewers find the Danone drink “bitter”, and bitter they do not like.

Soham, thinks Amul is more chocolaty, and that’s really the point of a chocolate drink, right?


Also Anay does not like Danone’s heavy texture. And all three prefer the other, less creamy double-toned drink.


Looking at the nutrition chart (below), Amul seems to be the healthier of the two.


Here views differ. While Anay had a big spill trying to open his Amul Kool Koko pack, and would like a straw with it please, Soham would rather not struggle with that thick straw-hole seal. Gaurav is ok, either way; it’s what’s in the pack that counts.

And on that, the three are united – Apna desi Kool Koko is the winner, hands down!

Price: For 200ml tetrapak:

Amul Kool Koko: Rs30
Danone Chocolate Smoothie: Rs25

Comparative nutritional chart (per 100ml)

  Danone Amul
Energy 96 cal 109 cal
Energy from fat 28 cal 26 cal
Fat 3.1 g 2.1 g
Carbs 17 g 14.6 g
Protein 2.9 g 3.8 g
Calcium 100 mg 160 mg


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  1. Srividya H

    Awwwwwwww such cutie pies! but don’t agree with the boys about Danone. I love the drink BECAUSE it’s less sweet. just matter of taste i guess!! but still… cute review 😀