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Like most women, corporate trainer Sonal Nangia prefers a beauty regimen that’s easy to follow but still delivers amazing results. And what would be better than a day cream which also fights 7 early signs of ageing, including wrinkles, fine lines and age spots!
Being one of the winners of the Real Reviews Fab! Red Box sponsored by Procter & Gamble, Sonal got an opportunity to try out Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Anti-Ageing Day Cream (SPF 15). And as she says in the video, she found it a pleasure to use. Sonal adds that the cream is light and absorbs quickly, making her feel like she hasn’t even put anything on her skin.
India Review of Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Anti-Ageing Day Cream (SPF 15)As with most beauty products that make anti-ageing promises, Sonal was sceptical at first. But to her surprise, she began to see positive results within a week’s time – fine lines on her skin had visibly begun to fade!
Sonal’s only reservation about Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Day Cream is its low SPF factor. With an SPF 50 recommendation by her dermatologist, a mere SPF 15 that this Olay product provides is just not enough. She has to use a sunblock over and above this day cream.
Sonal predicts that in the long run, she will probably end up abandoning Olay Total Effects just to save on time and simply put on her sunblock instead. This would most likely be the case with many Indian women who tend to use sunblocks with an SPF factor upwards of 30. Why not just create the same product with an SPF factor of 50, Sonal asks. Just this small tweak and she believes this Olay product can become an absolute winner.
Product: Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Anti-Ageing Day Cream (SPF 15)
Price: Rs. 150 (8 gm)