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Mishti doi. This sweet yogurt or doi is one of those Bengali desserts that if you have tasted even once, you won’t forget – whether you like it or not. But if you do like it and have been wondering where to get it, watch the video and keep reading.

For dessert lovers on the move

Now mishti doi is tradionally prepared in clay pots which look really appealing and gives the doi that characteristic flavor. But practically, it’s not something you can store in your refrigerator for several days and must be consumed fresh.

On those counts, Mother Dairy’s Mishti Doi definitely has some advantages – it has a shelf-life of 15 days and comes conveniently packaged in plastic containers that are much more portable.

In terms of authenticity of taste, this product does a damn good job. Right from the thick layer of cream on top of the doi to the sweet, creamy texture in every spoonful that true-blue Bengalis have fantasies about, Mother Dairy’s Mishti Doi is a definite winner.

Fun food trivia

Interestingly, Mother Dairy first launched the product two years ago in Delhi NCR and some parts of North India but after sales dropped following the initial excitement, the company (owned by the National Dairy Development Board or NDDB) decided to go back to the drawing board to perfect the authenticity of the product. After several months of research (and tastings, yum!), they decided to model the taste to that of the mishti doi sold at Annapurna Sweets, a local sweetshop in south Delhi that’s frequented by Bengalis.

Once the flavor was revamped, the packaging was next. The traditional-looking pack tries its best to recreate the spirit of Bengali festivities but there are only so many food memories a mass-produced plastic cup can evoke.

So yeah, a must-try for Bengalis who love this dessert or anybody who is a big fan of condensed milk, which as Malvika says in the video, this mishti doi comes really close to.

Product: Mother Dairy Mishti Doi

Price and Weight: Rs45 for 400gm and Rs12 for 90gm (not seen the 90gm pack yet in Mumbai)

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