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Nothing causes me instant distress as the sight of falling hair. Hormonal changes, scalp sweat and the Indian summer had made my hair weak and brittle. Panic button hit fast and furiously! I thought, ‘Let’s get a trim and a bit of style,’ since nothing pacifies as instantly as hair therapy at a good salon. That’s where I picked up the L’Oreal Force Vector Leave-In Conditioner, which the stylist claimed would arrest the problem effectively.

Showed Results in Seven Days:

The broad, deep-red L’Oreal Force Vector Leave-In Conditioner tube claims the serum in it reinforces anti-breakage through a thermo-active treatment for fragile, brittle hair. The Glycocell and Royal Jelly extract fortify and nourish the hair fibre, leaving it soft and shiny. While it all sounded like marketing spiel, there was a drastic reduction in hair loss in just a week. Hallelujah!

Feels Sticky But Isn’t

The product is translucent with a fairly runny consistency. When touched, it feels slightly sticky but is not heavy on use. Its strong and musky scent gives it a unisex appeal.

Not Heavy, Works for Oily Scalps, Too:

I was apprehensive about picking up a leave-in conditioner; I have an oily scalp, hence the hesitation. But a coin-sized (in my case a tad more, since I have long hair) dollop of the conditioner was enough to coat the hair evenly after a regular shampoo-and-conditioner wash. I let my hair dry naturally, and voila! I had soft, tangle-free, bouncy mane.

The good part is that even if I apply a little more conditioner than usual, the serum doesn’t make my hair flat, sticky or unmanageable. The conditioner has clearly removed the misconception that a leave-in is a big no-no for oily scalp and hair.

I’ve been using the L’Oreal Force Vector Leave-In Conditioner regularly for more than a month now, with frequent washes this summer, and I’m quite happy that there’s quite a bit left to go. At Rs. 500 for 150 ml, I’d say it is value for money.

Product: L’Oreal Force Vector Leave-In Conditioner
Quantity: 150ml
Price: Rs.500

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