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This sunscreen comes from Blossom Kochhar’s AromaMagic range, which a retailer tells me, is one of the fastest selling lines they stock. For those who do not know, Kochhar is an international brand, and their gel sunscreens are one of the best in the market. That’s why you don’t think twice before picking up one of her products from the store.



Let’s start with the good part. The Carrot Sunscreen SPF 15 is trusty as far as sunscreens go; it gives you full spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays, prevents skin damage, does not let the sun age your skin and is effective in controlling tan.


What more can you ask from a sunscreen, right?


Just the right moisturization is key, and that’s the fall of many a sunscreen. And this Carrot Sunscreen is not exempt. It’s a heavy cream-based liquid that is not even easy to squeeze out of the tube. And it’s greasy, which may be good for those with dry skin, but for me – and I have normal skin – the layer it creates on my face makes me want to wash it off right after I put it on. It causes sweating, but does not wash away the cream.

And on humid days, there was acne! Sad but true although it’s probably skin-specific and may not be true for every user.

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Real Reviews: Blossom Kochhar carrot sunscreen

Product: Blossom Kochhar’s AromaMagic Carrot Sunscreen (SPF 15)

Weight: 120 ml

Price: Rs. 120