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The appeal of Apple’s functional proportions is all but lost on Samsung. The latest ‘slate’ from the brand  is a bigger, better Samsung Galaxy Mega – called the Galaxy Mega 2 – that’s 0.7 inches bigger than its big-sized predecessor, standing tall at 7-inches.

The phone was cleared by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) just yesterday, which means it’ll officially launch sooner than later. There is no official word on specs, pricing or availability yet but we do have some leaked images doing the rounds.

What do you call it then – a tablet, phablet or phone? Let’s call it a tab with telephony capability, although Samsung might want us to call it a smartphone.

GSM Arena, however, is inclined to call it a phone using the following logic:

“Now before you go and think that this is just a tablet with a SIM card slot (like many tablets out there), it should be noted that the Galaxy Mega 2 is a very thin device, like the original Galaxy Mega (which rocked a 6.3” screen), with an enormous touchscreen. Its thinness and naming convention leads us to believe that this 7” device is intended to be a phone; a massive one.”

Things my be clearer by June 12 at Samsung’s official launch of the Galaxy Tab S lineup if the Mega 2 features in there as well.

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