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A Stand So You Can Read on Your iPad For Long Hours

A most legitimate first world problem as any is when your arms get tired of holding up your iPad while reading for a long time. That’s why Rain Design has come up with the iRest Lap Stand, an iPad stand with soft foam cushions to help you keep your hands free and torque hinge for an ideal viewing angle so you can read for hours without straining your neck. You can also remove the cushions and the iRest converts into an elegant desktop stand, perfect for viewing recipes in the kitchen or typing with a wireless keyboard.

The iRest Lap Stand is also suitable for other tablets such as Kindle and Nook, iRest is adjustable to make reading or watching on electronic devices enjoyable.

Product: iRest Lap Stand
Price: $49.90 (Rs. 3090)
Available at: The iRest Lap Stand is available on Amazon here.

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Sony Launches Dual USB Flash Drive for Android Smart Phones and Tablets

Bringing much-needed USB on-to-go functionality to smart phones and tablets, Sony has launched flash drives that are “2-in-1 devices” with both USB 2.0 and microUSB connectors. Users can now connect these new pen drives to both their laptops and desktops, as well as their mobile devices.

Restricted to Android devices running on Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean, these flash drives can be used to copy data between devices, and also as additional or temporary storage for smartphones and tablets. Expected to be available in the market by January 2014, Sony’s new pen drives will be priced at $19.99 (approx. Rs. 1,232) for 8GB, $29.99 (approx. Rs. 1,849) for 16GB and $62.99 (approx. Rs. 3,884) for 32GB capacities.

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Long-awaited 360-degree Camera Launches in Europe!

The Ricoh Theta 360-degree camera is a little device that captures a full panorama with a single shutter click! Small enough to fit into your pocket, the camera features a twin-lens folded optical system that captures everything around, above and below for fully spherical images.

You can mount the camera on a tripod and it can even be remotely controlled via an iOS device. Images captured can immediately be uploaded via WiFi to an online photo album and shared on social media.
Ricoh has revealed that the shooting distance from the Theta’s two 180 degree lenses to infinity is about 10 cm (4 in). The device measures 1.65 x 5.08 x 0.9 in (42 x 129 x 22.8 mm and has an ISO sensitivity range of 100 to 1600, auto exposure control and white balance, and about 4 GB of internal memory available to users (which should be enough for about 1,200 images).

Read more about the camera here or see the product in action here.

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It’s Not a Book, It’s a Lamp!

This one’s for purely tech porn purposes. An absolute design inspiration, this Unfolding Book Lamp resembles a hardbound book that turns into a lamp. Open the book to turn the light on and shut it to turn it off! This lamp can be used as a table lamp, outdoor lantern or ceiling pendant.

The project, recently launched on Kickstarter, has already surpassed its target goal by more than 200%. So we can expect to see it in homes soon!

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