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In just a few hours, Apple is expected to unveil a pair of new iPhones – a top-end iPhone 5S (in black, white and ‘champagne’) and a cheaper iPhone 5C – with the same screen size as the iPhone 5, but with a tough plastic back, and in multiple colours. The Apple iStore is already down for updates and as always, will return once the event is over with new pages featuring the new offerings.

From launching more than one phone at a time to launching them in multiple colours, it’s obvious that Apple has no qualms about breaking tradition this time around and tech websites have gone into overdrive conjecturing and opinionating on what the launch event will consist of.

Here’s are 5 news pieces that are saying it best.

1. 10 Things to Expect (and Not to Expect) from Apple’s iPhone Announcement

Doug Aamoth of Time Tech has jotted down an entertaining list of things NOT to expect from the event. No smartwatches or iPads, Doug says, but maybe a new iPod Nano with a new form factor. But a real certainty, Doug says, is that “Apple exec Phil Schiller will be wearing a button-down shirt in the blue/gray/green/tan spectrum.”

2. Live From Apple’s iPhone 5S Announcement

Greg Kumparak and Darrel Etherington from Tech Crunch are already posting live updates from Apple’s Cupertino campus where the event will be held. Check out the live commentary and photos being posted. One of their latest updates goes:

“Also while sitting here watching stuff quietly, had plenty of time to do forensics on the sign (invite image above). Note the empty halo circles – looks like those leaks of a lighted halo around the home button we’ve been seeing.”

Also check out the live blogs from Gigaom and ABCNews. 

3.  iPhone 5S: Apple’s New Hope?

Telegraph writers Matt Warman and Sophie Curtis talk about the growing pressure that Apple is under to fight back against competitors and the unique business challenges it will have to face if it implements a whole new model aimed exclusively at developing markets, especially a booming Chinese cellphone market.

4. The Apple iPhone 5C: How it Could Impact the Smartphone Space

Swapnil Mathur of Think Digit looks at how a potential budget iPhone could change things in the Indian market. Mathur predicts that after the iPhone 5C cuts into the market shares of smartphone heavyweights like Samsung and HTC, manufacturers will be forced to make value additions to offer competitive products at the same price point as the iPhone 5C (expected to be introduced for roughly Rs. 35,000)

5. When the iPhone “Experts” Speak…Ignore ‘Em!

And finally, to put things in perspective, Harry McCracken cracks down on some ‘expert opinions’ by tech bloggers, which may be more hype than fact. He says, “In situations such as this, there are two ways to come off as an expert. You can chime in before an announcement and be so smart about it that your comments still sound smart even after the facts are in. Or you can wait until after the news is official, thereby greatly reducing the chance that you’ll say something that sounds ridiculous in retrospect.”