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Mumbai-based homemaker Mitali Natkartni has been using her LG Intellocool fridge for over 5 years without any major glitch. The one thing ironically lacking, for a fridge branded Intellocool, is the defrost department.

Mitali bought the single-door Intellocool 210 litres for two reasons – it fit her kitchen space perfectly and it was spacious enough for a family of four. She says there’s plenty of space to fit 6-7 bottles, her masalas, sauces, dairy products and enough number of racks to stock and store perishables. She also says the fridge effectively cools all compartments. And in her 5 years of use, she has not had to ever call for after-sales service. Overall, her fridge does all things she wants, except for effective defrost.

As she shows in the video, the fridge does not auto defrost, as the salesman claimed at the time of installation, and at any given point of time, water droplets keep dripping from the deep-freeze door. Further, it takes 7-8 hours for complete defrost. So, Mitali, simply unplugs the fridge from the power source and the freezer clears out in half that time.

Mitali’s Wishlist:

Five years ago, Mitali had little choice in terms of design. But she says, it’s time manufacturers changed the face of the humble fridge by not just creating floral prints as are already in the market but alphabets and characters that may excite the kids at home.

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