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My earliest memory of almonds involves being hounded by my mom who tricked me into believing that eating soaked, shelled almonds will bestow me with a super brain, an amazing memory and increased concentration to help me retain lessons in school. Nothing of the sort happened!! Today, however, years later (having experienced the wholesome goodness of the almond), I know better and I can only say – I love almonds! They’re my favourite nuts. Salted. Plain. Roasted. Shelled. Chopped. Sliced. It’s almonds all the way!

So to me, a packet of California Almonds is a great gift to receive. I’m popping some even as I write this post! Among my current hot favourites, Back to Nature’s Sea Salt Roasted (No Oils Added) California Almonds seems to rank quite high even in the premium nut category. True to their claim of keeping everything as natural as possible, these almonds are devoid of salt, oil and any other artificial flavouring.

However, here’s my point of confusion – the pack says “sea salt roasted”, so shouldn’t the almonds have a hint of salt? Instead, they taste like any other salt-less almond. Even the website claims that they’re “steeped in sea salt” but I couldn’t taste anything!

On the plus side, the almonds are roasted just right to maintain their natural, earthy brown colour and the crunch in every nut. Yes, I could actually taste the freshness! The nutritional chart looks quite appealing with an attractive ratio of Proteins, Dietary Fibre, Calcium and Iron playing an active part, while Saturated Fats and Sugar figure at a bare minimum. For those focused on weight loss or paranoid about rising cholesterol levels, this is a sensible choice. Like all things healthy and salt-free, the taste of California Almonds is 100% natural, without artificial ingredients and preservatives.

I particularly liked the no-fuss, simple, elegant packaging that would make quite an impact in a store or mall shelf. Bought individually or clubbed together with a host of other colourful groceries, or even when given as a gift, a pack of Sea Salt Roasted (No Oils Added) California Almonds instantly speaks of wholesome nutrition and well-being, which is perfect for healthy food lovers. With a host of health foods vying for attention and making great claims, Back to Nature’s Sea Salt Roasted California Almonds keeps it simple.

The price, however, is a staggering Rs. 900 for a packet of Sea Salt Roasted California Almonds. It’s amazing that I was gifted a pack, but given an option, I would not opt for these given the multitude of pocket-friendly options available at stores or mall counters.

Product: Back to Nature Sea Salt Roasted California Almonds
Quantity: 300 gm
Price: Rs. 900/-
Available at: All leading food malls and grocery stores

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