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Image: Canon

Following the year of the selfie comes the Canon PowerShot N100, the first point-and-shoot with a rear-mount camera that shoots the scene before and behind it.

The N100’s Dual Capture mode shoots the goings-on with the Main Camera while the Story Camera clicks the photographer and embeds his/her pic on to the main image. Well, at least a great solution for vacationers and party-goers. This coupled with social sharing makes it a fresh new contender to smartphone cams that are threatening to elbow point-and-shoots out of business.

Canon hasn’t just made a point with the rear camera. In fact, it has upped the compact camera game with interesting creative options. Not only has it added 46 image filters (including HDR effects) in the menu, it automatically creates 5 different variations of one image.

CES 2014: Canon Launches PowerShot N100 with Rear Camera

Image: Canon

The Story Highlights mode in the N100 does away with the need for external processing software – better left to the professional guys – by intuitively stitching together pictures and video into a story reel. Even the design of the camera is sleek, with rounded corners and a three-inch touch LCD panel that tilts up to 90 Degrees.

The camera has a 12-megapixel CMOS sensor, a 5x 24-120mm f/1.8-5.7 optically stabilized lens, and built-in WiFi and NFC capability.

Pricing and Availability

The PowerShot N100 will be available in black and white, and will hit the markets in May 2014.
Price: $349.99 (Rs. 21,752)