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In this video, Abhinav, an engineering student at the DJ Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai, reviews his new 13-inch Macbook Pro. Find out why he bought this laptop and what makes it the complete workstation for him, from coding apps to making music.

Abhinav is an Apple user, recently having upgraded from his iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6 – one vital reason the Macbook Pro completes his iOS universe. For starters, the Xcode app equips him with tools to  create apps he can use on his phone or laptop or even put up on the App Store.

File sharing apps like iCloud and AirDrop integrate connect his phone and laptop data – 2 features that greatly simplify his day, as he elaborates in the video. An EDM fan, Abhinav loves creating his own music on apps like Logic Pro and the more user-friendly Garage Band music assembler. The pro-active student community member also feels independent when it comes to creating promotional event trailers using the iMovie app that’s designed for amateurs.

If you’re a student in the market for a laptop, watch this detailed user-review.

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