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Clean & Clear Facewash – you don’t see anything like it at stores. Functional, effective and rightly priced, says the bottle. That’s what drew Anushka Prabhu, a National-level Kho Kho Player, to it. But then she found something better.

So, what was wrong with good ‘ol Clean & Clear? “That clinical smell,” says Anushka in the video. And although it’s a great cleanser, she says, it does nothing to make her skin glow.

Enter Lakme CleanUp Facewash. That’s right, the strawberry red gel with the fruity smell – nothing like the Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash! But Anushka says it does so much more! It not only cleanses but lightens her skin. And… it makes it glow!

Ah yes, “the fruity smell,” she says, “I Love It!”

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