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Choco chip cookie cream sandwich. Wow, that’s a lot of delicious-sounding words for what is essentially a cream biscuit. And yet, Parle’s foolishly brave attempt to raise expectations, coupled with the hoardings of the Hide & Seek Fab! range plastered across town, made us want to give them a try.

It’s frustrating when brands take a simple successful product, such as the original Hide & Seek chocolate chip biscuits, and mess it up with flavors that might be popular in their own right, but don’t quite make sense when paired with something else. Of course, sometimes it works. The Hide & Seek Caffe Mocha biscuits were a nice try, although despite the claims made by the TVC, they do not replace the experience of drinking an actual cup of coffee (just like sitting in a class munching on a biscuit does not make for a real date).

But Hide & Seek’s attempt at cream biscuits is a bit confounding, especially since the Hide & Seek biscuits are just perfect in themselves. The Hide & Seek Fab! range consists of a layer of cream – chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and orange flavors – sandwiched between two Hide & Seek chocolate chip biscuits. We decided to try the two flavors we were most apprehensive about – Orange and Strawberry.

Hide & Seek Fab Choco Chip Cookie Cream Sandwich - Orange and Strawberry flavors

First things first. No, the biscuits DO NOT look as good as they do in the ads. But we’ve come to expect that, haven’t we?

Now, the first few bites didn’t really elicit any major reactions – we are sorry to say these are just plain old cream biscuits, for the most part. The orange and strawberry creams are both very sweet and one-dimensional in flavor. Overall, don’t expect any major surprises in terms of taste.

But with so many brands selling in the market despite the poor quality of their baked products, the Hide & Seek Fab! range does raise the bar ever so slightly in the cream biscuits segment.

For one, the biscuits themselves have a great bite to them, only enhanced by the chocolate chips. Second, the cream is evenly spread out to the four corners of the biscuits, unlike some other brands who shamelessly stick a thin little circle of cream in the centre. And third, the cream itself, despite the average flavors, is soft and in good quantity which, if you’re a cream biscuit fan, won’t leave you feeling cheated.

Product: Parle Hide & Seek Fab! Choco Chip Cookie Cream Sandwich (in Chocolate, Vanilla, Orange and Strawberry flavors)

Price: Rs. 20 (for 112 gm)

Where to find? Available across all grocery stores and retail outlets in India

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  1. Christopher Goff

    Hide and Seek my favourite brand in biscuits. I like the real taste of this brand.

  2. Aditya Sriram

    The Vanilla variant is a really good combination with the vanilla complementing the chocolate very well, while the Chocolate one is also not that bad. But the Orange and Strawberry do not go well with chocolate biscuits at all.

  3. Real Reviews

    Thanks for your inputs!

    Let us know if you’re interested in reviewing food products for Real Reviews. Are you based in Mumbai?