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Even if it’s not the most desirable of all brands, as any mobile phone shopper on a budget would agree, you usually can’t go wrong with a dependable Nokia phone. Animesh Gupta, an MBA student who draws the line at Rs. 10,000 for a phone, briefly tried out a mid-range Samsung device (Samsung CorbyPRO to be precise), but returned to the trusty Nokia with the Nokia E6.

As Animesh says in the video, the defining feature of the Nokia E6 is that it’s a touch & type phone. However, after having used it, he adds that while he is satisfied, he wouldn’t recommend the Nokia E6 for everyone since the operations tend to get complicated, even for basic functions like taking a photo.

The video also illustrates the classic divide between two perspectives – one of Clint, the kind of buyer who is happy to shell out a few extra grand for a phone that promises a superior look and functioning; and that of Animesh, whose budget restrictions and limited requirements from a phone bring a considerable degree of skepticism to the purported utility of high-end phones.

Having already explained his favourite features of the Galaxy Note 2 in his previous video, Clint proceeds to demonstrate some of them to Animesh who doesn’t seem completely convinced despite the pretty good case laid out for the phablet. The topic of durability of the Galaxy Note 2 comes up – watch the video to see if Clint allows Animesh to drop the Rs. 35,000+ phablet to test its hardiness!

At the end of the conversation, the two stick to their guns – Animesh tries to pull out some negatives on the Galaxy Note 2 from Clint who doesn’t bite! Are there other Samsung Galaxy Note 2 users who think differently? Tell us in the Comments section below.