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When Priyam Bathija, an entrepreneur from Cuffe Parade, Mumbai, was asked to review products from her Fab! Real Reviews Red Box, she was most eager to talk about Oral-B Pro-Health Multi-Benefit toothpaste.

Priyam, the owner of Frisky Frog, an apparel store at Marine Lines, admits she wasn’t too keen about using it at first but had no choice when one morning it was the only toothpaste left in the house. Her 11-year-old daughter didn’t take to it immediately and Priyam too wasn’t so sure of using a toothpaste that was perceptibly missing that strong minty flavour (although it says ‘Mint’ on the pack!) most toothpastes have today. Instead, the taste was very similar to sugar-free chewing gum, she says.

But, Oral-B Pro-Health Multi-Benefit toothpaste has turned out to be the only toothpaste used in Priyam’s household. For someone who compulsively brushes her teeth 3-4 times a day, Priyam has found using the toothpaste just once in the morning keeps her mouth feeling fresh all through the day.

If there is one flaw that Priyam must point out about Oral-B Pro-Health Multi-Benefit Toothpaste, it’s the packaging. Priyam’s first impression was that it ‘looks clinical’. However, later in the video, she likens the experience to the difference in branding between Clinique & MAC. While MAC may appeal more to the consumer’s eye, Priyam says it’s Clinique you think of when you want a product that effectively cleanses your face.

A similar perception about Oral-B Pro-Health Multi-Benefit toothpaste may just work in its favour. Since its launch, Oral-B has positioned its Pro Health toothpaste as a technologically advanced formulation and the ‘first toothpaste in India’ that that provides all-round protection from cavities, gingivitis, plaque, sensitivity, enamel loss, tartar, discolouration and bad breath. So if you’re thinking ‘clinical’ when you look at this product, that’s exactly what they were aiming for.

Product: Oral-B Pro-Health Multi-Benefit toothpaste (75 gm)

Price: Rs. 59