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Fashion designer Het Sanghvi is an all-out Maybelline user who had earlier reviewed the Maybelline Eye Range for Real Reviews. In this video, she talks about her Maybelline Clear Glow BB Cream.

She says this Blemish Base (BB, the acronym the brand expands as “Bright Benefit”) cream is light and natural, although not light enough for the summer when her skin gets very oily. In the off-summer days, just a drop of the cream spreads easily to give her a natural, even tone. A plus for someone with oily skin, this cream has SPF 21 which works as an effective sunscreen, so she doesn’t have to put on another layer of cream.

She finds the price tag of Rs.199 “completely worth it” as the 18ml tube lasts her a month.

Product: Maybelline Clear Glow  BB Cream
Qty: 18ml
Price: 199

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