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A larger screen, a thinner body, 4G speeds and the new iOS 6. If sources are to be believed, that’s what you can expect from the next generation iPhone and successor to the iPhone 4S which will be launched on September 12 at San Francisco.

The press invite, which was sent out by Apple on Tuesday night, features a looming figure 12 (in reference to the date) which casts a shadow of ‘5’ below it, laying to rest rumours that the new handset will be called the ‘New iPhone’. A more obvious indicator of this is that earlier this year, Apple filed a complaint over the URL for However, there are still some who suggest the name, ‘New iPhone’ cannot be completely dismissed yet, with a leaked image of a girl holding up the new iPhone’s packaging while standing next to a printing press! We’re pretty sure it’s fake though.

While the release date of the iPhone 5 is still a few months away, Apple fanboys and reviewers are hoping that pre-orders for the new phone will start on the same day, something that the company has done before with its other products. However, it’s pretty certain now that the iPad Mini will not be announced at the September 12 event.

If you’re behind on the iPhone 5 grapevine, read TechRadar’s Dan Grabham’s summary of the various rumors and tech specs that have been floating around about the next generation iPhone since the beginning of this year.

And if you’re an iPhone fanatic who is desperate for a glimpse of the smart phone like a mother yearning to see her new baby, this video should calm you down although we can’t vouch for its authenticity.

Meanwhile, everyone’s gearing up for the biggest battle of the smart phones to unveil this holiday season and well into next year with Apple, Samsung, Motorola, HTC and Google in the fray. May the best smart phone win!